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UPM-010E programmer

UPM-010E programmer


  • Model: UPM-010E
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UPM-010e - USB burner is a convenient tool for operating eMMC engineers, through the UPM-010e can easily operate on the market PC common eMMC. For other unique packaging eMMC or eMCP, UPM-010e also provides other replaceable slot modules for purchase. UPM-010e with convenient application, UPM-010e to identify / split / read / burn / eMMC to let the user can verify through. In addition to the unique Partition/Mirror/User/AutoScan model can support C-Ming eMMC and raw binary copy machine without compression mode, UPM-010e also supports B1/2+U and Bottom special Align (bottom) mode, to support the application processor specific requirements.


1 by providing specific information about the eMMC in use, the software engineer can understand the details of the target device. Among them, the most important device characteristic parameter is:
A. BOOT-1/2 BOOT-1/2 partition size, depending on the device will be different from the
B. Erase Size: when received erase command (delete instruction), the capacity of a single sector
C. Write Protect Group Size: write protect command (when receiving the write protection instruction), capacity of a single sector according to the MMCA standard, Erase Group Size and Write Protect Group Size is defined by the following parameters:
CSD[36:32] WP_GRP_SIZE - C.
The information is also associated with the following device characteristics interpretation or configuration settings:
A. EXT_CSD[159:157] - MAX_ENH_SIZE_MULT: Max Enhanced size support '
B. EXT_CSD[154:143] - GP_SIZE_MULT: Purpose split size configuration General
C. EXT_CSD[142:140] - Enhanced User size configuration ENH_SIZE_MULT:
D. EXT_CSD[139:136] - Enhanced User Area region begins addressing the above information, which needs to be interpreted or set to a specific single size or limit. Unfortunately, due to eMMC internal NAND FLASH memory parts may change,
So these specifications are not specified or standardized in the eMMC specification. In the existing devices, there are many different BOOT area sizes combined with the size of the Write Protect Group. Therefore, any specific configuration settings are required for specific parts.
To sum up, any user who wants to use eMMC's BOOT, GP, and ENH_USER features must have prior knowledge of the particular device to be used. In addition, in order to prevent the following conditions: A. device suppliers change
B. device capacity upgrade
C. supplier change device Version (device embedded in the controller or NAND Flash memory in order to change) characteristics and operation to meet customer expectations, so repeated to confirm the parameter setting, or even redefine the registry settings, are necessary.

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